Customers tell us our training programs work

At White Fang Ventures, we know what’s most important to dog owners and that is how well our training system works in actual practice. Read on to learn more about how our canine "graduates" perform when navigating the pressure packed environment of actual dog shows and other real-world experiences.

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Daisy is Less Fearful

Daisy is doing just fine and I have been working with her with loud noises and she is doing better, and she isn’t as afraid. We will bring her back in the spring, when the weather is nice to finish her training. She is very obedient in the doctor offices, even with their service dogs.

We will see you in the spring. Have a safe and blessed holiday.

Cathy and Chrissy
Zelda Achieved Canine Good Citizen Award

Matt, thanks so much for giving me a better understanding of my dog and helping Zelda achieve her canine good citizen award. I feel like we have a good foundation now and will continue to train her on my own and hopefully it won’t be too long before we can come back and learn more great stuff. Tell your wonderful staff thank you as well.

Congratulations to Terri Ralenkotter and Navy

From Terri Ralenkotter,:

Navy, his handler and family membersI know Clara emailed you about Navy, but I wanted to thank you personally for all your help. I really hated pulling Track 1. I wanted him to be a bit hungrier, and it did show because he fiddle-farted around between the first two flags before settling in. Had one brief wander off on a deer path, but he abandoned it pretty fast knowing breakfast did not wait at the end of it.

Now I must decide, should I keep going for distance to go for TDX or work on some variable surfaces to go for TDU in preparation for VST.

Maybe you can ponder it before our next lesson. I am very happy to be able to give his breeder, Gene, the happiness of now having a tracking titled dog in his kennel name.


Message From Matthew Duffy:

It is no small accomplishment to achieve an American Kennel Club’s Tracking Title on the first attempt.

An appropriate training regimen, dedication to the sport, and a strong bond between the dog and handler all melded together to make the title attainable.

Terri and Navy are wasting no time in pursuing their next title: AKC’s Tracking Dog Excellent.

The best of luck to you!

The Duffy’s Dog Training Team

Matthew Duffy
Show Dog

Hi Matt,

You may remember keeper and I. He is the black Brussels griffon that did not like conformation judges. He was not ready for our national specialty in March but I continued working with him. This past weekend Keeper was Best of Breed at the Paducah, KY Kennel Club Show on Sunday. He is now showing again without showing aggression. I owe you lots of thanks for your help and expert advice. Thank you again.

P.S. He earned two more points at this show and now has 10 points.

Camp Canine at Luther Luckett and Duffy’s Dog Training Center Pay Off

Murphy with his handler outsideDavid (Benson), I hope your holiday season has been wonderful and you are looking forward to the new year. I just wanted to thank you again for all your efforts through Duffy’s Dog Training Center and the Camp Canine program at Luther Luckett.

We spoke last summer about our adopted 2-year-old shepherd/hound mix, Murphy, and he has continued to prove himself a well-balanced, driven and lovable dog. If it helps to jog your memory, Murphy was relocated from Kentucky to Massachusetts and now lives with my girlfriend and I in the Bay State.

Per your recommendation, we have read Matt Duffy’s books, practice his training methods, and have managed to (mostly) break Murphy’s remaining bad habits of dog-focused aggression, chasing wildlife, and barking in the crate. Murphy’s knowledge of the basic manners and commands he learned through Camp Canine made his transition into our home very smooth. He always impresses neighbors, friends, and family with his wonderful temperament and focus, and has even learned to behave off-leash.

I have attached a picture of Murphy hanging out with my girlfriend’s horse, Apache, at the barn, and another of him sitting calmly while being confronted by a squirrel at Boston Garden several months ago (click on each of them to enlarge). The latter drew quite a crowd due to his calm focus. Please pass our gratitude on to Matt Duffy and the rest of the team, as well as to the inmates of Camp Canine and Oldham County Humane Society. Feel free to share the photos with all of them. It is a testament to the exceptional work you all do.

Best Regards,

Matt & Brielle

Matthew Connell
Obedient School Worked Wonderfully

My dog had me wrapped around his “little paw”. I was afraid to discipline the dog and he knew it. I started out caging the dog and after 8 months he decided to NOT use his cage anymore and I was tired of fighting with him and he knew it. I took my dog to Matt Duffy’s obedience school for two weeks and I was trained to handle my dog.

My dog is a “pleasure” now to have around the house and he now knows I am the boss. I have NEVER spanked, hit or hurt my dog even when he was disobedient. I have USED the techniques learned at Matt Duffy’s training school and they have worked wonderfully. I would definitely recommend anyone to have their dogs trained by Matt and his staff.

Sharon A. Meredith
Seti — a Basset hound — Earns RAE

Seti jumping hurdles in competitionThis is Seti, a male Basset hound that just earned his RAE on Monday, Aug. 8, 2014. He is the second BHCA Versatility Title holder in history to earn that title.

Seti and his owner, Teresa Ralenkotter, are also receiving tracking instruction from Matthew Duffy. They are doing the obedience work on their own.

“I want to congratulate Seti and Terry for their accomplishments and the wonderful work they continue to do,” said Duffy.

Matthew Duffy
Uno's Story

Uno with his familyWhen we purchased Uno, our German Shepherd Dog from a reputable breeder with impressive credentials, the idea that our adorable, eager-to-learn puppy would become an aggressive 18 month-old dog would have seemed absolutely ridiculous. But this is exactly what happened.

In fact, his aggressive tendencies began to show at the time when I (Sue) was in the final stages of preparing him for his first AKC obedience trial. My show-ready, supposedly “obedient” dog began to growl and bark, for no apparent reason, at our teen-age son, Alex. We just couldn’t believe it and didn’t know what to make of it.

We had owned a German Shepherd before that I had successfully shown in the obedience ring, but we had neither personally experienced such seemingly unprovoked aggression nor heard about it at the breed club to which we belonged. We and all the dog-savvy people we talked to were at a loss for how to deal with Uno’s behavior. None of their suggestions worked and the situation got progressively worse.

Uno eventually bit both Alex and my husband, Tauras, who then became the primary target of his aggression. Only Nick (our other son) and I were able to safely approach and handle our dog. It was at this point that we were referred to Matthew Duffy.

Matt’s systematic approach to shaping canine behavior and his ability to teach both theory and technique to us is the reason why Uno is still with us. Although he continues to wear a muzzle, slip collar, and leash at all times in the house, his aggression has subsided to the point where he is being slowly reintegrated back into the family. We are currently in the fourth month of what has been a long and difficult journey with plenty of ups and downs. However, we have hope where we thought there was none—and that makes all the difference.

The Liubinskas Family
Handler praises Duffy’s Dog Training for immediate changes to dogs

Close up of Lieutenant Alexandria ShepherdMy youngest son and I brought our two German Shepherds in for a free evaluation (our female over enthusiastically greeted people and animals). In less than one hour at Matthew Duffy’s Training Center (Duffy’s Dog Training Center in Jeffersonville, IN) with trainers acting out different real-life situations and training through the entire process, we walked out with two obedient dogs and a plan for a higher level of training.

We came back for the “Confidence Course” and had a great time! Our Lieutenant Alexandria was trained to follow directions around the agility course, and different trainers gave her lessons on focusing on us and not the other many various dogs there.

And when we went home, for the first time ever, she did not upset and attack the other dogs with licks and love. But she rather focused on us just like at Matthew Duffy’s Training Center.

We are so pleased with what they have done for us, we are coming back for every level of education they recommend!

Joseph Michael Kerr
Trigger Has Become a Member of the Family


Words can’t express how much we appreciate your help with Trigger. He continues to improve and has become a member of our family! We couldn’t have done it without you! Do you miss your “Trigger action”?

Thanks again

Andrea, Joe, Andrew, Ben and Trigger