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Bed Bug detection dogWith the increase in bed bug infestations, the demand for canines specially trained in detecting bed bugs is on the rise. Why? The answer is simple. Dogs are better than people when it comes to sniffing out a problem.

When entering a space that has a substantial bed bug infestation, even the most untrained eye can see bugs crawling around and the debris they leave in their wake. There is also the smell. A human, whose scent detection skills are far inferior to a dog, can easily distinguish the fragrant aroma emanating from a space with a considerable bed bug infestation. The chemicals that combine to create the one-of-a-kind bouquet, which distinguishes a bed bug from other creepy crawlies, are the same chemicals that make sniffing out bed bugs a fairly uncomplicated task for a specially trained dog.

Bed Bug Detection DogsFor dogs trained in the detection of bed bugs, scenting out the critters that make so many lives miserable is pretty easy. Detecting a high level infestation, and even a medium level infestation, is almost too easy for a dog at the top of its game. It’s like a pro-basketball player shooting hoops with a teenager. Where’s the challenge? Dogs love to work hard and going in to a place with a very low level infestation and working hard to find that special scent is what these elite animals live for. And make no mistake, the dogs trained by White Fang Ventures have yet to indicate a “false positive.” That means they are highly trained and very good at sniffing out bed bugs.

It’s the high success rate that makes using dogs in the fight against bed bugs such an essential tool. When an exemplary sense of smell is combined with an incredible dog and proven training protocols, the same as used for training dogs on scenting drugs and explosives, a dog becomes a nearly flawless detection instrument.

White Fang Ventures has spent over a year training the current team of canines for bed bug detection. On site bed bug colonies and regular interactions with various universities and entomologists has helped White Fang Ventures to develop the best bed bug dogs in the industry.

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