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That house is so much nicer thanks to you. Riggs enjoys being inside and even gets along with the cat. Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season. I think of you often.


Nancy, Jim and Charley – Woof!

Nancy, Jim and Charley

Thank you for all you do to help us and Charley!

Nancy, Jim and Charley – Woof!


Peace Restored

Jen and Hank


Thank you for all you and Matt have done to restore and maintain the peace between our chubby puppies. We had the best Thanksgiving ever.

All our best


Wonderful Guidance and Advice

Sarah, Shaggy and Olive

Matt, Kat, Dave and Josh,

It’s been a fun year introducing Olive to the household. You guys have helped so much! Thank you for the wonderful guidance and advice.


Great Article


Dear Matt,

What a great article. I am so pleased to hear how well things are going. I bless you every day when I see what a find dog Jesse has become because of you and your methods. Thank you for all the time we had together. I am eager to see your second book.

With Love


Highly Recommend Ten Natural Steps Training Book


This is a great dog training book. I have read several dog training books over the years looking for help with my dogs, but this is definitely my favorite. It is obvious that the author has a genuine love for dogs. Unlike most dog training books without personality, the conversational, witty, and pleasant writing style of this book, as well as the tidy organization of training exercises, makes it simple to quickly reference topics, as well as a book to read for pleasure. In addition to the organization of the training exercises, the pictures clearly demonstrate what the author is describing in his text. This is the first dog training book I have read that actually addressed how to handle your dog when not doing formal obedience with the 5 basic manners lessons.

Finally, after reading dozens of training books I found someone who has clearly defined manners and knows how to teach them!! Other books mention it, but never really tell you how to accomplish it. For instance, I have read in other books not to let your dog jump on guests, duh. I know that, but how? Well, this book explains it very clearly. This book really gives you practical, useful, everyday tools to teach your dog to be an enjoyable member of the family.

If you are looking for an effective, yet enjoyable, book to help you with your unruly canine, then I highly recommend Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog.


Grateful for Duffy's Dog Training Center

Maureen Schurr

Dear Matt,

Offering a simple thank you for your participation in the Louisville Kennel Club’s Responsible Dog Owner Day appears inadequate. We feel truly honored that one of America’s foremost dog trainers took time out of a busy day to give demonstrations of advanced and basic dog obedience, and to patiently answer questions.

Greater Louisville is fortunate to have Duffy’s Dog Training Center accessible to train their dogs. Our club is so lucky to have had you and your staff represent to the public responsible dog ownership. Please know how much all of us in the club appreciate your participation. If I coordinate this event next year, I hope you will be there.

All the best


Best Dog Training Book I've Read

Cocapoo Girl

Matt’s book on dog training is one of the best I have read. I have had the priveledge of working with Matt in his Kentucky location and love his approach to training. He understand the dog mind and works with each dog to get positive, quick results. It is an amazing thing to watch a dog go from totally misbehaving to being a wonderful member of the family. If you can’t get to his training center than I highly recommend reading his book and putting his philosophy into play with your dog. I am getting more books to give away to people who need some help with their dog training.


Ten Natural Steps Book Review

Dr. John Parker

Matthew Duffy’s Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog dispels the myth that dog training can’t be fun and yield outstanding results in a timely manner. Having personally read the text and applied the training methods with two “intact” giant working dogs, I can verify that Mr. Duffy has developed a high quality approach to dog training that delivers the desired results. Mr. Duffy brings over 25 years of diverse dog training experience to the table, and he has concisely summarized his training plan into 150 pages. The beauty of the text, besides the fact it is well written, is that it is supported with high quality photographs that make the training steps easier to understand. Whether you are a novice or advanced trainer, this manual makes training success a much shorter journey.


Duffy's Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog is a Prerequisite

Clara Markham

In Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog, Matt Duffy clearly presents training techniques as well as his many insights into the understanding of dogs. Through accessible explanations and accompanying photos Duffy’s “ten natural steps” inspires confidence that the basic training of the family dog is achievable for all involved – pets and humans alike! One walks away from Duffy’s book (as well as his training classes) with enthusiasm and assurance, since he convincingly shows that an added bonus to the training is the natural bonding and enriched relationship which evolves between us and our dogs through this step by step training process.

Whether one has a family pet or a competition dog in any discipline, I consider Matt Duffy’s Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog a prerequisite to a happy, healthy relationship between us and our “best friends.”