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William Johnson

We've had a great experience at Duffy's. The whole staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. We've had three different trainers due to my schedule conflicts, and they all seem to pick up right where the other dropped off. Each has their own way of making it as easy as possible. My german shepard is totally changed for the better and we are so glad we came here. We're even gonna do some more classes and possibly protection training in the future. They've made a total believer in myself to have the confidence and training to be comfortable in most situations (still a lot of work on my end) with Max. Would and do refer Duffy's to anyone who asks. If they had T-shirts, I'd wear them regularly.


Teaching Us Old Dogs Some New Tricks

Darin Makepeace

We were worried when we brought our puppy home and realized it had been 14 years since we had experienced the joys of puppyhood and our lives were a lot different then then they are now. We were short on time and Duffy's team helped us tremendously in speeding up the training process, teaching us old dogs some new tricks and now we enjoy our time with a well-mannered companion so much more. Highly recommend the team there.


I've Recommended Them Dozens Of Times Now

Edward Sharp

If you want a well-behaved dog and a great understanding of how to continue training, this is the perfect place. The staff is amazing here. They not only train your dog, but also train you to know how to treat your animal. I've recommended them dozens of times now.


Great Experience.

Kevin Caskey

Great experience. I already notice a difference in my dog's behavior and response. I would definitely recommend and will go back.


After Only 2 Daycare Sessions, Our Pups' Behavior Improved Noticeably

Daniel Burke

We own two very energetic boxer puppies and were having a hard time curbing some of their undesired behavior. We did the free evaluation, which Duffy's offers, and discussed the issues we were having with the pups jumping on people and not respecting boundaries, going for food that did not belong to them, and pulling when on leash. We could tell right away that the experts at Duffy's knew their stuff. After only 2 daycare sessions, our pups' behavior improved noticeably. They are much more respectful of our space, more attentive to commands, and walk on leash with little to no difficulty. As with most pups they are still a work-in-progress and need a lot of direction, but I feel confident in their continued improvement because of the training they're receiving from Duffy's. If you're looking for quality training for your dog, I highly recommend these trainers.


Day School Program Makes Difference

Claire Ellis

My german shepherd puppy is a delight, but he can be very headstrong. We have not had a puppy this young before, and with another dog and a cat, we wanted to make sure he learned good behavior early. We have had him in the day school program for a week and are already starting to see a difference. He is more attentive when we give him commands and is not chasing our cat around the house like he once did. I can't wait to see what will happen with more work!


Remarkable Change After 2 Weeks

Patricia Holder

My dogs have been going here for two weeks and the change has been remarkable. Everyone that works here is pleasant and treats my dogs as if they were their own. Highly recommend this place, especially the day school and private lessons!!


Amazed How Fast My Dog Learned Commands

Lindsay Tucker

I soooo appreciated their experience and wisdom to help me have the dog I have now. My dog is a german Shepard/lab mix and coming to my home was the first stable home he's ever had - however he didn't know boundaries. Through both the trainers working with my dog and me (the owner) working with my dog at home, I was amazed at how fast my dog learned commands. I loved my trainer, David, who helped me to learn how my dog thinks and learns so I could communicate with my dog so that we understand each other. Duffy's is worth the money and the time to invest in your dog because it's a lifetime investment that I am still appreciating.


Awesome Experience

Nancy Anderson

I brought my goldendoodle to Duffy's for an evaluation. Tyler made us feel welcome and took the time to learn about our goals and expectations. We are looking forward to a very positive experience as we journey towards mastering our 'Good Citizen' manners.

Thanks Tyler!


More Training

Bonnie Luchs Horchen

Again, I would like to thank you and your staff for a great week. Everyone is extremely nice, helpful, considerate, informative, and I feel like you are my friends — family even. Your facility is immaculate — my only complaint is that you are 10 hours away. I would definitely be there more often, if I were closer. Thank you for the encouragement and extra training. The new collar seems to be working quite well — I am hopeful that I can once again enjoy summer with the neighbors without constant worry. I will continue to work on everything that I can and hope to visit again. I would like to do some long-distance training (advice and schedule), if possible.