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Hound Mix Training

Lauren Jones

We adopted a hound mix from a local shelter that is a sweet pup but we noticed she had some "intolerance" issues. We were unsure of how to get this under control so we sought help through Duffy's. Dave has been working with us and our sweet Presley and we are more than pleased that we made the decision to enroll her in the full program. After only a week in the program we noticed a huge difference in Presley. Not only is she much calmer but we now we enjoy taking her for walks in the neighborhood and introducing her to our neighbors. We look forward to the rest of our training and will forever be grateful to Duffy's for the training they have offered us and our dog!


Duffy's Is Fantastic!

Amy Elliott

I cannot talk highly enough about the knowledgeable, caring and personable staff at Duffy's. We enrolled our French Bulldog, Chapo, into the full training program and it has already been beneficial after only 4 days. Chapo's manner, demeanor and overall behavior have improved tremendously. The staff is awesome at training your dog and then training you how to reinforce the concepts at home. I had my Rottweiler and boxer trained by Duffy's 15 years ago and am back with my new dog. It is worth every penny and more to have a dog who is well behaved.


German Shepherd Training

Christy Frazier

I have two German shepherds named Guinness and Bailey. Guinness is a year old and Bailey is nine months old. Guinness went through the full training program, and I must say it was very much worth the cost. Not only did he go through day school, but we had individual training sessions with trainers who taught us what we needed to know to handle the him correctly. They showed us the correct way to use the commands and went through many different scenarios. Bailey is attending day school now. We worked with trainers Dave, Tyler, and Josh. They are all exceptional trainers, and I would recommend any of them. Our focus for both dogs is manners and traditional commands.


Doberman Training

Gina Otter

We have only been with Duffy’s Dog Training Center for a little over 2 weeks, and I am beyond impressed. The difference in our Doberman puppy (Barrett) is amazing. We took Barrett on Spring Break with us, prior to Duffy’s training, and he was exhausted for us. Walking him on a leash was a workout. We also dreaded when people would approach us because he wanted to jump all over them.

We knew it was time for him to be enrolled and knew exactly where to go, as several family members have brought their dogs to Duffy’s for years with nothing but positive experiences.

After the first week, we had a different dog. Now it’s been a little over 2 weeks, and we look forward to taking Barrett with us wherever we go.

He gets so many compliments on his manners when we go out in public. We have to give full credit to the staff at Duffy’s.


Absolutely Amazing!

Randa Harbison

We enrolled our 6-month-old Labrador retriever, Apollo, in the full program and cannot believe the difference in the type of dog he has become even after the first visit. We have now completed his program and are so grateful to Duffy's. We highly recommend David. He was great with Apollo! Don't waist your money on any other dog training program — you won't regret your decision to start your program with Duffy's!



Karissa Cochran

I have been bringing my puppy there for a few weeks, and it is just helping with her manners so much. She has just been in day school, but it is really teaching her.


Exceptional Service!

Kellye Stickels

We have been going to Duffy's for about a month now and we are already seeing a huge improvement in our 5-month-old Doberman puppy, Rocky. Of course, he still has the energy you'd expect from a 5-month-old, but once you put the leash on him - he knows it's time for business! We owe it to the trainers at Duffy's Dog Training Center, specifically David. David is very knowledgeable and Rocky seems to enjoy being with him during our one on lessons. We love taking Rocky out and showing him off. 

We look forward to completing the full-training program and beginning the personal protection program when the time is right. Five stars for Duffy and his team, and I would recommend them 1,000 times!


Elkhound Approved!

Kathy Childers

Professional. Knowledgable. Experienced. Duffy's was highly recommended from family, friends and our vet. I now understand why! Everyone from the neighbors to our groomer to the cashier at the pet stores have noticed a calmer dog. She still loves the attention, but now patiently sits or lays down for petting and belly rubs. And I can't tell you how pleasurable it is to walk a dog on a loose lead with no worries. I'm confident that no matter what we encounter on walks or hikes, my dog will not react. 

I've enjoyed working with David. Thanks to his guidance and expertise the past few months, my elkhound has become the best behaved dog we've ever had in the family. After completing the initial 10 training sessions, I've decided to focus on more advanced skills like off lead obedience. We even participated in the confidence course today! What a hoot! My dog had so much fun! It was our first Saturday workshop, but we look forward to others.


One Word: AMAZING!


My family and I adopted a blue heeler rat terrier mix from a local shelter and knew we needed to get her trained as we have two small kids in the home. We took the dog to Duffy's for an evaluation and to set up training sessions. With the information learned from the evaluation, I was able to begin training before she started classes. And within a week, we have seen a night and day difference in the dog. Fantastic staff, compassion, caring, and informative. I felt very comfortable with the trainers, and the one-on-one sessions were easy to follow! Again, all I can say is AMAZING!! Do not waste your time at any other trainers! Duffy's is the only place we will go again!!!



Lynne Stone

My husband and I adopted a beautiful 1-year-old Rottweiler from an animal shelter a year ago. A very loving and happy dog but seemed to have some "intolerance" issues. We were recommended Duffy's by our dog store supplier and we took him for an evaluation. Before even leaving the evaluation, we saw a difference in the behavior of our Little Bear! We enrolled him in the full program and cannot believe the difference in the type of dog he has become even after the first visit. He is still in the program and loving it and so are we! When we tell him in the mornings "time to go to school", he heads to the door, pounds his paw on it........almost like he's telling us "yippe it's school time! Lets go!" 

He comes home after his training sessions very happy and content. The staff is very highly skilled, compassionate and extremely informative. We travel almost an hour to have him in this program and we wouldn't even consider ever taking any of our dogs anywhere else!!