Dog FoodADVISOR DONNA RICHARDSON (PET NUTRITIONIST) — We get lots of questions regarding rotating your dog’s diet.

There are many “ways” and reasons to rotate your food, and guess what? Many are correct.

For a normal, healthy adult pet, we suggest feeding a food that has multiple meat proteins. If you feed a single source protein, you can actually rotate daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Many suggest staying within the same brand of food, because of the quality of ingredients used by a particular company. Chicken, for example, is not just chicken. Does the company use chicken by-products (not recommended), chicken meal, organic chicken, etc. etc.

The quality of the ingredients also bears consideration. And for those who feed raw, the same holds true. You still need to rotate the source of meat protein from time to time.


One way to think about rotation is this: During the hot, summer months, we like to eat lighter, easy to digest foods like fish, turkey and the like. Then, in winter months, we tend to gravitate toward heavier foods, such as pot roasts, chili, etc. So, for your dogs, think about the lighter, easier-to-digest meats, like the turkey, chicken, and fish based foods. Then, in winter months, move to the heavier foods, like the red meat foods.

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Posted 7/31/2016

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